Health is our most important asset. It’s more important than our jobs, making money or our lofty goals.

I see so many people including myself often forget about this. It’s like we put health off until tomorrow. As if that thinking will work!

It’s an epidemic. We don’t exercise nearly enough. We put all sorts of artificial sweeteners in our drinks and eat food with ingredients we can’t pronounce. We sleep next to our EMF radiating phones. We are not fully conscious ofthe effects of our lifestyle choices.

I’m almost always advocating for individual responsibility, but I also see the power marketers have over our decisions. They know all the triggers and will spend millions to ensure their message is effective. Their power has become so overwhelming.

Important health information is withheld from the public. Special interest groups with large budgets and influence are a big part of the problem.

This stuff is nothing new. However, each day they are becoming more powerful and understanding more about us. I don’t have the answers. I just hope we can become more aware that we can’t rely on what we are being told.

Effectively we are lab rats living in an age where everyone is lying to us.

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