“How can we maintain balance to achieve peak experiences in life?”

Peak experiences, or the ability to achieve high states of personal happiness and contribution, is of real importance to the world.

Mostly, because we have forgotten that these peak experiences are given to us as a right at birth.

We have the complete and full ability to achieve peak experiences 100% of the time (even during sleep).

What we experience is a reflection of our own seeking.  Meaning, we always seek to fill in the parts of ourselves that are missing.  We strive for completeness.

During this process of life, our awareness affects our experience.

These waves of consciousness come and go, and with more wisdom we can interpret situations as revelations to our higher-selves.  These lessons are contained in every moment.

Our awareness of..

“RIGHT NOW.. how do I achieve maximum contribution?”

The interpreting is the important part.  We are given active control over interpretation of experience.  Basically,  we control our direction.  We will sail off-course all the time, but that’s part of the journey too.

So then, we should investigate what causes this slowness—or “friction” which limits our ability to achieve peak experiences.  First of all, it’s always our own fault.   We stand in the way of constant peak performance and 100% happiness in life.

The beauty is that it’s our decision.  But for practical purposes, can someone REALLY achieve peak experiences all of the time?

Well.. no.  You cannot achieve peak experiences all of the time.  The idea is to maximize the time of happiness and contribution.   Your contribution to the world should always be at the highest levels possible.

By taking that as our foundation, we have some putty to work with.  We can sculpt that goal as our strong foundation to build upon.

It’s easy to continually be taken into philosophy, which is the enemy of practical thinking.  We must stay practical to achieve results.  The observable world is our laboratory, and our assumptions create our blind-spots.  So we should take nothing for granted except our awareness.

Simply, our awareness controls our journey.

Yes, we hold these special strings, which make us move.  Getting to ourselves is the tough part.. where are we? Well, you can just go in circles with this logic.  The point is, you cannot define yourself in a way that makes practical sense.  So just ignore that part.

There are many levels of this, like chess.  You start by moving the pieces and discovering the objects on the board.  The board is the people, places, experience, decisions and emotions of life.. what we see around us.   The game follows certain rules, some of these rules you know–and more likely, most of the rules you do not know.  For example, we can only see what we are.  The parts of us that are hateful, ignorant, passive-aggressive are revealed in the world around us, from the highest to lowest levels.

If you start by just moving everywhere, you will get checkmated before you have a chance for true understanding.  So instead of moving in random directions, it’s important that we stay balanced.  Again, these terms are just shared definitions between us – words like “balance” are conception frameworks.

The idea of “balance” is quite easy. When we rejoice, life is easy.  The issue is we grow attached to the wrong pleasure-response system.  The dopamine receptor in the brain becomes our dwelling place, instead of our awareness.  “This is what I want to do!” Pleasure shouts to us.

When attachment grows, we begin to lose true awareness.  Awareness is available to you instantly.  Peak experience is always instantly available.  That is a fact.  It is our choice to avoid it.

The idea is to first say to yourself: “yes.. always rejoicing is a gift that is always available to me!”

If you truly believe that statement, then you will always achieve peak experience.  Of course, we still need to take ACTION.

So, how do we remember?  Do we hold a thought in our minds? Do we write it down? Do we chant it every day with mantras.. ?  Well, I don’t think we need to..

It starts with balance.  The goal of life is to maximize contribution.  When we forget and drift from our focus of maximizing contribution, we create friction and slow our pace.

We must remember that friction always comes from ourselves.  Any type of negativity, bad emotion, etc, is a result of our own interpretations of life’s events!

Friction is a mirror into our weaknesses.

I’m sure you’re saying, “what if someone causes friction to me, then surely they are responsible!?”

Well, no.  They are not responsible.  You are responsible.  Your interpretation is responsible.  There is never any blame for anyone externally.  I’m not talking about a legal or ethical realm right now.  This idea also goes beyond borders, governments and religions.  What I’m describing is a high level mental framework, which operates above hate, fear, disgust, and all the sensory and primal emotions.

To achieve peak experience, you must always be at the level of personal responsibility.  We must take control over our emotions most importantly.  Emotions.. those are tricky!  There’s a simple solution, which is to feel the emotion but do not become attached to it.  Just allow it to pass through you, almost like eating a burrito.

All I’m trying to say is you control your emotions.  Would you agree with me on that?  You are personally responsible for all your emotions?

Some emotions bring positive expression, and others create friction.

The idea is to not believe your emotions.  Your emotions are not you.

Meditation lowers your blood pressure.  You can lower your heart rate by sitting still.  You can control your breathing.  You can breathe deeper and give yourself better digestion with exercise and good health.

Taking care of the body by disciplining the mind is very easy.  You basically just do the action, regardless of mindset.  Once you get in this habit, you can go full force.  You will always have some blind spots, or things that are very hard for you to do, and it really takes a yogi to be able to do them, because I’m certainly not saying you’ll be able to do everything all the time…  I’m just saying you will have the capability to do NEARLY everything.

What?  “Blasphemy!” I hear the crowd shouting.  You can’t do that! It’s against the rules!

Well, whose rules do you play by?

This is a fundamental point.. you really create your own rules for personal living.   You can live any life you desire.  It may take time, and you may need to build financial resources, but eventually you can create laser powers to move through life in a way you’ve never before thought possible.

The cool part of this whole thing is that everything is instantly available.   The harder part is taking ACTION.   You steer the boat with your mind, but the winds of ACTION super-charge your motor.  In a way, we “pay” for any mental or physical task with a token of energy.  The trick is to maintain full awareness during that task, which allows us to grab back the tokens!

So how do we build higher energy within ourselves?   Again, we come back to the enemy of ‘friction’.. Friction is always out to slow us down!  Well, to me, the fellah is a welcome visitor since he’s also a very wise and capable teacher.  We should not become angry that friction exists.  Just understand that when we slow down in life, it’s because we create our own resistance.

The body influences the mind as well, so be careful.  The body will completely throw you thousands of miles off course.  It’s critical that you be in top shape at all times.  Any weakness of the body is a means of sabotaging your entire plan.

I’m not saying that achieving peak state requires you to be disciplined in all ways.  You can certainly make do without sticking to a specific regimen.  That is more a matter of personal preference.  We create the habits which will lead to our success.

Habits are a normal part of life.  They are the natural rhythms of our body.  It’s practical to do things when you feel like doing them, and still be able to achieve peak states of productivity and awareness for extended periods.

Mostly, it’s our choice to always rejoice.  To fully contribute. To move towards our true purpose.

“Grandmasters of Life” still make dozens of mistakes per day.

Extended periods of peak states, awareness and contribution is entirely possible.  We are all capable of making powerful contributions to the world with our minds and actions.

This is our gift back.

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To Your Success,