The winner understands the nature of the unfolding process, and is able to hold their ground in the vortex of life without losing energy.

Now, I’ll tell you the simple principle of always winning..

It’s all about WINNING the understanding.

We are either fighting or enjoying understanding and the unfolding process.

Resistance is created when we move against the unfolding process. Think of it like swimming against the waves in a heavy current.  You will soon get tired, your energy will decrease, and you will lose your ability to swim – simply because you were in the water and not on land.

So if you’re swimming, it’s best to come back to land.  That’s pretty important.

You should be enjoying the unfolding process.

Is this just mumbo-jumbo?  Am I just talking about positive thinking here?  Heck no.. This goes much deeper.

Positive thinking, or interpreting situations in positive ways, is a good ideal, but it’s not practical.

Because if you believe something and nature acts differently, that creates resistance. And then the more you believe it, the more resistance you create.. and you don’t even recognize it because it’s a huge blind spot and you are stuck at sea, battling the waves again!

So it’s better to avoid that mess if possible.  Think of it like this..

The one who can move from experience to experience, without losing energy or becoming imbalanced, is always winning.

The important part is losing energy. If you feel yourself losing energy, feeling down, depressed, angry, hateful, etc, or any negative emotion, that means you are not always winning.

If you’re negative or unhappy in any way, here’s my advice for improving:

The first point is to understand that anything you feel is a good thing.  That anger is actually an amazing thing. That fear is incredible.  It’s awesome to be able to feel emotions, AND still remember that “my emotions are not me.”  Your emotions are physiological responses of the mind influencing the body.

When you resist emotions and identify with them, you become attached and lose energy.

Basically, you don’t need this type of drain on your REAL energy, so it’s important to let emotions pass with ease.

The only thing that is important is the UNFOLDING process.

The unfolding of reality contains you, can be influenced by you, and is also larger than you.

Most people forget that “larger than you” part.

When you become attached to events, emotions, plans, physical things, business, etc, you will lose energy if they do not meet your “expectations” (because of lack of understanding of the unfolding process).  Your body will have a physical response, and you most likely will be caught in a battle between your mind and your emotions.

You will be continually dragged out to sea until..

You can simply enjoy the unfolding..

Notice I use the word simply; it’s a powerful word.  Simple is very much tied to the unfolding.

Since the unfolding is not measurable, we have a difficult time wrapping our minds around the unfolding of our existence.

When you begin to work on your true life purpose, you will discover that the events that happened all your life up until this point, prepared you for this moment of contribution.  Your destiny and journey will be revealed, your understanding illuminated, and you will have no resistance to achieving peak experiences.

With understanding, You will ALWAYS be WINNING.

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To Your Success,