The foundation is ACTION + MINDSET + TIME.

There’s a lot of hippy hoopla around “manifesting abundance” – but I’m here to share with you some insights that should prove beneficial.

We all share a common goal of wanting more from life. We strive to be healthier, more fulfilled, wealthier, more successful, have better relationships, etc. What’s the quickest path to achieving those results?

ACTION is moving towards your fears, getting things done, keeping physically active, not procrastinating, reducing intoxicants, setting goals and definite plans for their achievement, not letting failure or anything get in your way. It’s being persistent, moving in the right direction, getting up when you are down, and ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

MINDSET is becoming a positive person that helps other people and contributes to the world. It’s FAITH in your purpose & path. Believing in your own success and ability to achieve your dreams. Living to your highest potential and removing all obstacles in your path. Focusing on the positive, uplifting others, and becoming a person who is achieving at the HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLE.

TIME is understanding that manifestation cannot be demanded to happen at any particular point. It’s realizing that manifestation often appears in ways we did not predict. It’s learning the ways in which to see results, often between the lines or in ways that are not obvious. It’s believing that ACTION + MINDSET combined with FAITH always produces positive results because it moves you closer to your purpose. Time is not ours. In fact, the best way to manifest is to detach from the outcome and accept events as they unfold. By becoming detached from the very events you are trying to manifest, they will appear – perhaps not in the same shape or form, but it will happen.

If you implement these ideas and your ultimate purpose is to contribute your greatest strength to the world, events will RAPIDLY begin to unfold in your life in amazing ways. You will become happier, more successful, more fulfilled, and understand the process for creating abundance in all areas of your life.

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To Your Success,