If you’re interested in moving forward in life, you will need the help of others.

Never bring anyone down, because it will pull you away from success.

This seems like a small point, but it’s not.  Your success depends on the help of the people around you.

So how do we avoid offending others?

Giving someone positive feedback is sort of an art.  You would like to directly express your point, but you should always keep in mind their ego is listening from the watch tower. So when giving advice, you should generally avoid creating conflict and resistance.  There are of course times when you need to be completely direct, and that’s practical and fine.

Look at how Warren Buffett treats his managers.  He owns dozens of companies, and each company has a CEO that wants to work for Buffett.  Those CEO’s are already independently wealthy, yet continue to work for Buffett year after year.  Notice that Buffett never criticizes.

Everyone is on their own path, and each person we meet is hopefully learning and aspiring for success in life.

The ego is a treasured possession by all people, and to tarnish the gold upon which it shines would be considered blasphemy of the highest regard (from the ego’s point of view).  It will always rush to attack the intruder.  The ego is part of the unconscious mind.  When awareness is not present, the ego is on duty.  Understanding the ego is an important part of understanding human relationships.

To achieve success, never criticize.

Let’s uplift others to their highest potential to help all people achieve maximum performance and contribution.

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