The mind is the ultimate machine – processing terabytes of sensory input every second.  But what happens to the mind when we reduce sensory stimuli?

Enter the “Float Tank” (otherwise known as the “Sensory Deprivation Tank”).

The float tank is an enclosed capsule that is void of light.  It’s filled half way with water and tons of salt, allowing you to float inside.  The lid closes upon you. You have ear plugs in and so you are in complete darkness, without sound, the water temperature is the same as your skin temperature, and nearly all sensory input is blocked out.

When you are inside the float tank, it takes about 20-30 minutes before you begin to relax (sessions last 90 minutes+).  It’s completely dark inside and quite a unique experience (some people compare it to being inside the womb) .

Why on earth would anyone want to do it?  There’s profound mental, spiritual and psychological benefits.  First off, your brain is no longer processing sensory input so your mind is more free to process information.  Your thoughts become crystal clear.  Scientifically, in this relaxed state your brain turns to “theta” waves which are similar to deep sleep, but you are fully conscious.  You feel an amazing sense of understanding and profound insight into life.

Secondly, there’s many health benefits such as reducing stress by lowering cortisol levels, managing chronic pain, fighting addiction and depression, elevated mood, etc.

These float tanks are popping up all over the country.  It’s quite possible you have one next door!

I did a single 90-minute session in the float tank a few days ago, and I came out with some extremely powerful insights:

1)      Be more active.

2)      Inspire others.

3)      Purpose & passion.

4)      Reduce intoxicants.

5)      Help people get what they want.

6)      Insights into some relationships.

7)      Form a mastermind group.

8)      I experienced an image of sitting on an infinity sign on a yoga mat and contributing to others.

9)      Be grounded.

10)    Be thankful, accepting and open to life’s experiences.


As you can see, I had insights into a wide range of topics.  It provided extreme clarity such that I could ask myself a “question” and get a very clear answer.  Highly recommended! :)

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