What’s your “one thing” that you can build and contribute to the world?

Something that helps serve billions — improves their lives, heals them, moves our species forward? Are we determined to our fate or can we shape-shift the world? Are we adventurers? Do we believe in amazing things?

The time to act has just started. This second moves exponentially faster than the previous one. It just passed again. And when we act now, we take advantage of the efficiency of our human built technology.

To understand the problems of the world is beautiful. It means you have your target. Now, it’s time to assess the landscape and take aim, as your purpose started at birth.

Develop and refine your “one thing” to serve humanity. Think about it deeply. Dwell on it in your dreams. Be obsessed on making it perfect. Understand your market — those that are rabid fans and will tell their friends about your essential item.

Build awareness through relationships. Listen to feedback. Accept criticism. Work weekends.

The time to kick your own ass is upon you.

Get in shape. Build stuff. Enjoy the details of life.

But remember..

The time will come,

When your time here is awakened.

And your gifts will remain.

Believe in your infinite nature.

Take action.

And let’s make this a good ride.

Be well my friends!


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To Your Success,